Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey! We got some spreads over here..

So there are some bakeries that have thrown their hats into the ring that haven't been tossed back as of yet. While we continue to decide who's the better. Here is what we are thinking so far...

New Warsaw Bakery in Greenpoint - Damn their Rye is good. We are still sampling though.

Catania Bakery in Ridgewood - Kaiser Rolls and heros . . . possibly among other things.

Feel free to yell suggestions at us on the street ... or on here. We are more than willing to listen!


  1. Don't see a place to leave this suggestion, so leaving it here.

    For names, will consider adding these 3 to the Vote?

    1) The Deli Guys
    2) Deli Guys
    3) Bushwick Deli

    Sort of obvious choices actually.

  2. i know, can't edit the poll because voting started...