Monday, March 7, 2011

Chili cook off!!!

Unfortunately didn't win that trophy I intended to place upon the top shelf in the shop but there is always next time. Usually this is where I would think, "if you don't at first succeed, destroy all evidence you ever tried." Truthfully, I'm not even sure there was a trophy involved. After all was said and done we caught wind that coffee was somehow utilized in the victorious pot. So there in awe I stood having heard this little bit.... How do you use coffee in a chili??? If anyone has an inkling, kindly leave an enlightening comment please

We were told to expect around 100 people and as we pulled up we realized there was about 100 people just inside the front door! 

Isaiah and I both entered our own vegetarian dish, this being my first chili ever I decided to "spruce it up." In doing so I added all your run of the mill spices as well as a few dashes of cumin and coriander. Judging by all the people who came back a second time with arm fully extended grasping their styrofoam bowls, I'd say I wasn't the only one who appreciated its distinctly variant flavor.

I'd say Alan is lookn pretty hungry there and by the looks of that devious grin Isaiah has on his face, he is provoking.

Thats my sis!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An artistic perspective of the shop from our buddy Stephen

Click on the above pic... Alan's expression is definitely worth 1,000 words.
 That oil was very HOT!!!

new edition to the spot...

There is Victoria surfn outside the shop on the new table top. She came up with the design and welded the base for the piece.

Notice that the foot rail doubles to protect my plants on the window sill from clumsy feet.
Brilliant!!! Good looks Vic

Finally looks nice as hell! What more can b said...
Wait got some cool ideas for some two seat stools, what other shop has some romantic jive like that? Personally I can't wait till its packed out in the shop and two strangers are forced to use one like on the train. lol

Also in the news the deli had its first celebrity visiter. Word is spreading!... Anthony Bordain come through!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hittin' the streets!!!

Send the word, the menus are finally out! Also establishing connects with menupages, seemlessweb, yelp, google maps, allmenus, grubhub, and finally urbanspoon. As they are posted I will try to place links in the widget to the ---->.  Also you know of anymore sites I need to look into kindly post them below.

Mommadukes came up for Valentine's Day so you know there was some over indulgent dishes whipped up. BTW the young lady above finished that whole plate and two small children...

P.S. the fried chicken was amazing while it lasted! Too bad the chicken-fried-steak was a bit of a "FAIL" but I'm pretty sure it will b way better next time around. There will b a different plan of action placed into effect.(Don't loose hope Red)

Does anyone else notice a pattern here???

Tip: look back a few posts...
I swear that we did not set that shot up

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love seeing progress. Thats Rich the welder standing in the center of his illustrious work.

Also love my big kid toys. Max(the pinball duder) and I drove up to Albany on one of the nastiest days we could possibly have chosen. We braved rain coming down sideways that turned our hour and a half ride into a four hour drive. Nor rain or hail could keep me away from child hood dream of one day owning an  Area 51! I kinda wanna get a Time Crisis or Big Buck Hunter next. We shall see.....

New candy rack by Stephen the great

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seasons Greetings from the Deli And General Store!!!

Try to avoid "gettin it in" like this duder this season!

Finally finished the menus but I couldn't download the file on the blog.
(will have one of the tech savvy heads work it out)
Also a huge thanks with a cherry on top for the ever so lovely Miss Julie Choi for helping me out with the menus! 

Lastly lets not forget Timmers in rare form at the Death Killers fashion show. Stay word Tim Tim

Isaiah thinking of how to sort out the aftermath of Hurricane Mommadukes!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New addition to the shop!

Place is starting to look less and less like a front... proud we r lookn proper. Big thanks to Mommadukes for holding down the spot through some rough tides. With her spontaneous and wild but always delicious dishes, she quickly became a staple in this neck of the woods. Btw mom, people were pretty heated that you left town without doing ur York peppermint ice cream cake.

As always, keeping it old skool with the pinball machines. Have a look at our mention in Time Out New York magazine, as well as a bunch of other spots u can check out to get your game on. Also I can't help myself but I gotta get an Area 51 shooter game in the shop. Should b in sometime this month...