Wednesday, March 2, 2011

new edition to the spot...

There is Victoria surfn outside the shop on the new table top. She came up with the design and welded the base for the piece.

Notice that the foot rail doubles to protect my plants on the window sill from clumsy feet.
Brilliant!!! Good looks Vic

Finally looks nice as hell! What more can b said...
Wait got some cool ideas for some two seat stools, what other shop has some romantic jive like that? Personally I can't wait till its packed out in the shop and two strangers are forced to use one like on the train. lol

Also in the news the deli had its first celebrity visiter. Word is spreading!... Anthony Bordain come through!!!

1 comment:

  1. Mommadukes cookin' and yours could pass the test on gargantuan food fit for Adam to indulge!! If you already got your first A celebrity why not go for your second A as in Adam Richmond of Travel Channels man vs. food? It WOULD put you on the map!!