Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hittin' the streets!!!

Send the word, the menus are finally out! Also establishing connects with menupages, seemlessweb, yelp, google maps, allmenus, grubhub, delivery.com and finally urbanspoon. As they are posted I will try to place links in the widget to the ---->.  Also you know of anymore sites I need to look into kindly post them below.

Mommadukes came up for Valentine's Day so you know there was some over indulgent dishes whipped up. BTW the young lady above finished that whole plate and two small children...

P.S. the fried chicken was amazing while it lasted! Too bad the chicken-fried-steak was a bit of a "FAIL" but I'm pretty sure it will b way better next time around. There will b a different plan of action placed into effect.(Don't loose hope Red)

Does anyone else notice a pattern here???

Tip: look back a few posts...
I swear that we did not set that shot up

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