Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love seeing progress. Thats Rich the welder standing in the center of his illustrious work.

Also love my big kid toys. Max(the pinball duder) and I drove up to Albany on one of the nastiest days we could possibly have chosen. We braved rain coming down sideways that turned our hour and a half ride into a four hour drive. Nor rain or hail could keep me away from child hood dream of one day owning an  Area 51! I kinda wanna get a Time Crisis or Big Buck Hunter next. We shall see.....

New candy rack by Stephen the great


  1. WOW - it looks so different than when I was up!!! MamaDukes and I are doing to have to make a day trip again soon!!! I LOVE the tree and the candy rack looks great!!

  2. What a great blogsite !! You HAVE come a long way. Wish i LIVED around the corner. I am in the wrong state. Would love to try one of your PRAMANTI brother sandwiches like the kind they sell at the strip in Pittsburgh. THEY were on the travel channel Man v Food segment on great places to eat. You need to be on that map and make more Deli and general shops to come!! Apply on his site You just might get a chance to win! I'm rootin' for ya!