Thursday, September 9, 2010

New addition to the shop!

Place is starting to look less and less like a front... proud we r lookn proper. Big thanks to Mommadukes for holding down the spot through some rough tides. With her spontaneous and wild but always delicious dishes, she quickly became a staple in this neck of the woods. Btw mom, people were pretty heated that you left town without doing ur York peppermint ice cream cake.

As always, keeping it old skool with the pinball machines. Have a look at our mention in Time Out New York magazine, as well as a bunch of other spots u can check out to get your game on. Also I can't help myself but I gotta get an Area 51 shooter game in the shop. Should b in sometime this month... 


  1. This is MAMA and i know i left with no ice cream cake. however it was christines fault SHE had the freezer full. see me sunday for homemade chocolates and salads. in the meantime keep up the good work guys i love you.

  2. when can you start serving wine&beer!!!!