Monday, March 7, 2011

Chili cook off!!!

Unfortunately didn't win that trophy I intended to place upon the top shelf in the shop but there is always next time. Usually this is where I would think, "if you don't at first succeed, destroy all evidence you ever tried." Truthfully, I'm not even sure there was a trophy involved. After all was said and done we caught wind that coffee was somehow utilized in the victorious pot. So there in awe I stood having heard this little bit.... How do you use coffee in a chili??? If anyone has an inkling, kindly leave an enlightening comment please

We were told to expect around 100 people and as we pulled up we realized there was about 100 people just inside the front door! 

Isaiah and I both entered our own vegetarian dish, this being my first chili ever I decided to "spruce it up." In doing so I added all your run of the mill spices as well as a few dashes of cumin and coriander. Judging by all the people who came back a second time with arm fully extended grasping their styrofoam bowls, I'd say I wasn't the only one who appreciated its distinctly variant flavor.

I'd say Alan is lookn pretty hungry there and by the looks of that devious grin Isaiah has on his face, he is provoking.

Thats my sis!


  1. I tried that chili. After I found out that I had contracted gonorrhea. thanks!

  2. Good..Would like to try it once..And thanks for the guidance..