Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Counterdown with a Dewars neat

So a while back we contacted Gotham Forest Products to maybe, possibly do some counter/shelving work at the del del. Fast forward and we have cemented our idea and are ready to move forward. We will be using a reclaimed heart pine (yellow pine) for our checkout counter and small bar style seating area towards the back, interior entrance. 

Question: What is Antique Heart Pine??

Answer: Heart-pine is generally considered to be recycled timber from first generation trees (circa 1600s pilgrims and shit). Most of the trees were long leaf pines, many as old as 300+ years. There were probably some other pine species mixed in, but the predominate tree was the long leaf pine. There were approximately 80,000,000 acres of these trees and almost all were gone by 1900. This wood was the primary building material for homes and factories. It is now being recycled as heart pine. Most structures built after 1900 were from second generation trees and do not exhibit the tights rings associated with the first generation timber.

Part Owner Chris Demarco, taking care of business.


  1. As a nearby resident, I just want to assure you that I (for one) look forward to your opening. I also want to encourage you towards your immediate impact and success in the neighborhood. =]

  2. We are trying to get things up as soon as possible. Thanks for the support!